Marilyn's Books
Song of Courage, Song of Freedom
The story of the child Mary Campbell held captive in Ohio by the Delaware
Indians from 1759-1764.        

The Bell Keeper
The story of Sophia, a courageous native American girl whose family was
caught up in the American Revolution.         

Silver Ribbon Skinny
The story of Skinny Nye, a young mule driver on the Ohio & Erie Canal,

The Dogs of War
True stories about animals in the battles and camps of the Civil War.        

Where Duty Calls
The story of Sarah Emma Edmonds, Union soldier and spy, 1861-1863.        

One Eternal Winter
The story of what happened at Donner Pass, winter 1846-47.        

The Freedom Stairs
The story of Adam Lowry Rankin, Underground Railroad conductor.        

Gilbert VanZandt
The story of a Civil War drummer boy and his pony, Fannie Lee.        

No Ordinary Lives
Four Nineteenth Century Teenage Diaries